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The TAC-01
Off-Road Motorcycle

The TAC-01 is an off road electric motorcycle that features a patent protected exoskeleton frame design, a unique and eye-catching approach to motorcycle design that exposes the structural frame, something that was always hidden under the body panels, and makes it a part of the exterior design.

Our over built designs draw heavily from military-industrial styling which make our products look bold and edgy. The TAC-01 and other models feature flat metal surfaces, sharp strong lines, machined accents, countersunk bolts all of which a synergize and lend a powerful and undestructable character to the machines. 

The TAC-01 has  has been developed from the ground up, essentially rebooting the design of motorcycles, getting rid of the  tank altogether and to give a sleek and futuristic look.  With its unique design, the TAC-01 is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.


Patent Protected Exo-Skeleton Frame:

The TAC-01 Features An Exoskeleton Frame: A Unique And Eye-Catching Design Approach That Exposes The Structural Frame; Something That Was Always Hidden Under The Body Panels.

The Tough Design, Inspired By Military-Industrial Design Themes, Features Strong Defined Lines, Machined Aluminum Inserts And Countersunk Bolts That Together Lend An Undestructable Look To The Machine.

Serpent's Head Swing Arm:

Adding To TAC-01's The Edgy Design, Is The Patent Protected Serpents Head Swing Arm.   

The Exterior Form Of The Swing Arm Is Made From A Single Piece of Bent High Strength Carbon Steel, And Has Mounting Points For A Kickstand And The Rear Fender.

The Rear Braking System, Mounted On Our Patent Protected Serpent's Head Swing Arm, Incorporates Heavy Duty Hydraulic Brake Calipers With 240mm Rear Disc Brake Rotors. The Serpents Head Swing Arms Also Mounts Reinforcement Plates For Additional Rigidity  Which Double Up As Axle Lock Plates For the Rear Hub Motor/Wheel.

Stainless Steel Scuff Plates Provide Mounting Point For The Rear Twin Shocks.


Smooth Ride:

The TAC-01 Features Class Defining Heavy Duty Front Fork With 100mm of Travel With Mounting Points For A Tough But Elegant Front Fender.

The Machined Aluminum Top Clamp Mounts A Laser Cut Instrument Cluster Jig. 

The TAC-01 Also Features Class Defining Heavy Duty Rear Twin Shock Suspension With 88mm Travel With A Premium Brushed Aluminum Finish.

Stopping Power When You Need It:

The TAC-01 Front Braking System Incorporates a Heavy Duty Front And Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake Calipers with 320mm Disc Brake Rotors To Give You The Stopping Power When You Need It.

The Brake Levers Are CNC Machined Aluminum With Master Reservoirs.


3D Printed Side Shields

The TAC-01 Features 3D Printed Side Shields And Inserts.

Use Of  3D Printing Technology Allows Us To Offer Virtually Unlimited Customization Options  To Our Customers Letting Them Have Any Design They Think Of Printed On the Side Of Their Machines!

Machined Aluminum Shields, Accents And Mounts

All the side panels and shields on the TAC-01 are precision machined aluminum which is then powder coated for a durable finish. 


The frame also features five crash guard/ brush guard mounting points on either side that are closed up with machined aluminum caps.


Sandblasted Stainless Steel Scuff Plates 

The TAC-01 features multiple suspension settings where the user can adjust riding height and ground clearance by manually adjusting rear shock absorber mounting points.


All mounting points are reinforced with sandblasted stainless steel scuff plates to protect powder coated surfaces.

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