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High Power Electric Hub Drive E-bike

The Urban Mobility Platform (U.M.P) HORNET is the perfect vehicle for urban commuters looking for a reliable, safe, efficient and eco friendly way to get around town. This electric moto allows riders to switch between a Class 2 electric bike with a speed limited to 20mph or unleash its Beast Mode where it transforms into a light off-road electric scrambler with full power.


With a stunning patent protected ExoSkeleton Frame, class defining heavy duty suspension and components, regen braking, this electric bike is built for superior durability and performance. The U.M.P HORNET’s modular construction makes it easy to upgrade and customize with a variety of accessories.


You can go all electric or add cranks for manual propulsion. Choose between drivetrain options and select the battery pack size that best suits your needs.


Patent Protected Exo-Skeleton Frame:

The U.M.P. HORNET Features An Exoskeleton Frame: A Unique And Eye-Catching Design Approach That Exposes The Structural Frame; Something That Was Always Hidden Under The Body Panels.

The Tough Design, Inspired By Military-Industrial Design Themes, Features Strong Defined Lines, Machined Aluminum Inserts And Countersunk Bolts That Together Lend An indestructible Look To The Bike.

Serpent's Head Swing Arm:

Adding To HORNET's The Edgy Design, Is The Patent Protected Serpents Head Swing Arm.   


Made From High Strength Carbon Steel, The Swing Arm Can Sport Both: A Bolt On Crank Attachment For Manual And Pedal Assist Drive Or Bolt On Foot Pegs If Pure Electric Is Your Thing.


The Swing Arm Also Has Mounting Points For A Kickstand And The Rear Fender.

The Rear Braking System, Mounted On Our Patent Protected Serpent's Head Swing Arm, Incorporates Heavy Duty Hydraulic Brake Calipers With 240mm Rear Disc Brake Rotors And Stainless Steel Axle Locks.

Red UMP Brake.jpg

Smooth Ride:

The U.M.P. HORNET Features Class Defining Heavy Duty Front Fork With 100mm of Travel With Mounting Points For A Tough But Elegant Front Fender.


The Machined Aluminum Top Clamp Mounts A Laser Cut Instrument Cluster Jig. 

The U.M.P. HORNET Also Features Class Defining Heavy Duty Rear Twin Shock Suspension With 88mm Travel And Dual Tone Coil Springs.

Stopping Power When You Need It:

The U.M.P. HORNET's Front Braking System Incorporates a Heavy Duty Front And Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake Calipers with 240mm Disc Brake Rotors To Give You The Stopping Power When You Need It.

The Brake Levers Are CNC Machined Aluminum With Master Reservoirs.


Easy Handling:

The U.M.P. HORNET Features Frame Mounted Grab Handles On Either Site And Additional Grab Handles Behind The Seat For Easy Handling When Moving In And Out Of Elevators or Hallways.

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